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Did you know that Shopify integrates with Facebook? Here are 5 different ways on how to integrate Shopify with Facebook!
Shopify is one of the largest, most popular, and unique ecommerce platforms in the world. With more features, this is without a doubt one of the most compatible and easiest tools for ecommerce businesses and retailers.
One of the things we love most about Shopify is its ability to integrate with Facebook and there are a few different ways you can achieve this.
In this article, we will discuss 5 different ways on how to integrate Shopify with Facebook:

1. Facebook Ads:

There doesn’t exist a single ad objective you can’t run with a Shopify store. You can create category pages and individual products, you can set up custom audiences, you can promote the items your customers have shown interest in, and so much more. With Facebook ads, you can do everything from setup dynamic product advertisements and custom conversions to lead advertisements so you will be able to connect with your customers instantly and all thanks to the Shopify platform. You can do this on other ecommerce platforms, however, Shopify has built-in applications that allow you to do it yourself without hiring expensive website designers.

2. Set Up a Store on Your Facebook Page:

Did you know that Shopify has a Facebook application that allows you to sell your items on Facebook for free? Yes, by downloading the Facebook Store application, you can sell items and take payments without customers having to leave your Facebook page. This is an ideal integration for boosting sales.

3. The Customer Service Channel:

The Facebook Messenger is the newest way businesses are connecting with their customers. You probably are asking – why use Facebook Messenger and not an email? Well, because emails end up in the junk folder or they are deleted by customers before they are read and 95% of the Facebook messages are opened by the recipient. This integration is ideal for customer service support.

4. Dynamic Product Ads:

If you are new to dynamic product advertisement you can read some helpful articles online and familiarize yourself better. In a nutshell, dynamic product ads are an ad objective that present prospects items from your Shopify store dynamically based on previous actions made at the store. Here is one example, let’s suppose you sell shoes and a potential shopper views a specific boots. By using dynamic product advertisements you can make an ad of the same boots they viewed and similar shoes they may be interested in by using various tools. You can set up these ads by reading about how to create effective dynamic product ads or you can download applications such as Facebook Dynamic Product tools from Shopify to make the process simpler for you.
Set Up a Store on Your Facebook Page

5. Facebook Login:

Do you know what stops potential customers from shopping at your ecommerce store? Well, a lot of things, but having to fill in a registration form is frustrating and it is one of the possible reasons why customers don’t purchase your items. You need to solve this problem by allowing your customers to create an account with just one click by using Facebook. There is this tool – EasyAuth Social Login that supports registration for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, and others. This tool allows you to find which of your target customers are using which platforms and help you to plan your marketing strategy. By asking them to create a facebook page for you, you can make sure your website is properly designed for future ad targeting. This integration is great for improving user experience.

Do you have a Shopify store but you haven’t integrated it with Facebook yet? Consider these 3 ways and integrate Shopify and Facebook now!



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